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The end of the idealisme around Gerd Heuschmann - in english

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The end of the idealisme around Gerd Heuschmann - in english

Message  Pia MUNCK le Mar 16 Nov - 1:12

This topic, to be able to communicate the last news about :

The end of the idealisme around
Gerd Heuschmann

Gerd Heuschmann under criticism

Dressur-Studien - 03. August 2010

About Heuschmann clinic, May, 2010, Germany

The Xenophon society (The Society for the Preservation and Promotion of Classical Riding Culture) first press release was a bit cryptical, announcing that Gerd Heuschmann, veterinarian and founding member of Xenophon, had stepped down as deputy chairman at his own request because of irreconcilable divergences in substance.

Shortly afterwards, he resigned from the society altogether, thereby forestalling a possible exclusion procedure. At the origin of the fierce criticism of Heuschmann is his way of riding in his clinics.

Xenophon chairman and Olympic Games winner Klaus Balkenhol is far from happy with the situation:

“These past months, complaints about Gerd Heuschmann’s way of riding have been heaping up at the society.”

For some time now, the vet and book author Heuschmann has been offering clinics that include not only his lectures on the biomechanics of the horse, but also a practical riding session. Heuschmann, who also completed a training as “Bereiter FN” (assistant instructor of the German riding association), corrects the often badly ridden clinic horses himself, trying to “make them fit by riding”, in loose interpretation of the Xenophon motto “Good riding suffices”.

To achieve this, he uses elements (but not the complete systematics) of the methods of Philippe Karl (high hand) and Anja Beran (yielding of the haunches on a circle) and tries them out on the clinic horses.

“During these ‘corrective riding sessions’ it came to ugly pictures, which gave rise to the complaints to our society,” Balkenhol says.

In extensive one-on-one interviews with Gerd Heuschmann, the Xenophon chairman tried to dissuade him from riding the horses himself in his clinics – to no avail.

Balkenhol went to see Heuschmann several times and had long talks with him:

“Gerd achieved so much with his excellent lectures on biomechanics. It’s simply sad that he is now ruining all this with his way of riding. But unfortunately I couldn’t convince him.”

As a result of these discussions, Heuschmann resigned from his office as deputy chairman at the end of May.

Two weeks later, he is holding a clinic near Mainz. The vet climbs into the saddle of a Friesian horse which apparently is not permeable to the aids and accepts neither leg nor rein aids.

Professional photographer Julia Rau documents the 25-minute ride with her camera and a large telephoto lens.

Heuschmann does not let himself be bothered by her and “corrects” the Frisian. The picture series and the timestamp on the photographs show it very clearly: these are no accidental snapshots.

When asked about the photographs by the editorial staff of the German horse magazine St. Georg, Heuschmann first showed contrition:

“The error I probably made was to ride this horse in the first place,” he said meekly.

But on the day of the publication of St. Georg, the vet declared via his website:

“Since mid-June, I have been the focus of critical reporting. This witch-hunt has various motives, about which I don’t want to say anything here. I made no mistake and will therefore carry on my work unperturbed. For this reason, there is no need for any justification. Only the short advice that ugly situations can occur every day and under every rider when working with horses that need to be corrected.”

Without making a fuss about it, the German FN cancelled the cooperation with Heuschmann completely, so that his clinics are not recognized as official further education courses for instructors any more. In future, he will thus probably not have his say any more, neither at the FN nor the FEI level.

When asked for comment on the accusations and pictures by Dressur-Studien, he first invited us to a clinic – only to inform us just a few hours before it was due to start that taking pictures was forbidden and that he would not ride anyway.

The questions we sent him per email remain unanswered so far, but maybe he simply had no time to reply: in early August he started a three-week “USA tour” on which he is offering clinics – with practical riding sessions. (cls)

Photo : Gerd Heuschmann... please see the rest of the violent photos here, that speak for themselves about Gerd Heuschmann and his manipulating talk about the horses WELLFARE... it is PATHETIC :

Balkenhol criticise Heuschmann :

Anti-rollkur campaigner Dr Gerd Heuschmann under fire... go to link :

Video Heuschmann riding another horse :

Link to forum shocked over Heuschmann :

Anti-rollkur campaigner Dr Gerd Heuschmann under fire... go to link :

... or read here :

Sarah Jenkins, H&H dressage editor

4 September, 2010

Anti-rollkur campaigner Dr Gerd Heuschmann is under fire after photos of him schooling a Friesian horse and pulling the horse's head behind the vertical appeared on the internet.

The German vet has fought against the use of extreme training methods such as rollkur — forcing the horse into a very short, deep neck frame.

He was vice-chairman of The Xenophon Society for the preservation and promotion of classical riding culture — until he resigned in May.

In June, he held a clinic near Mainz where he rode a horse for 25 minutes. Having seen photographs of the session online, even supporters were critical of his techniques.

H&H forum user Booboos started a thread labelled "Shocking — and this from the guy who opposes rollkur", to which another user contributed: "I see a stressed, tense, uncomfortable horse being forced to do things."

But Dr Heuschmann feels he is the subject of a witch-hunt.

He told H&H: "[The Friesian] had a completely insensitive mouth and no reaction to the legs. I tried to get some reaction to the rein aids and then get his back up by using lateral movements."

Dr Heuschmann has argued rollkur is detrimental to the horse. The Friesian, though not in rollkur, looks to be in an uncomfortable neck frame.

Dr Heuschmann explained: "The moment this photo was taken was a short second of teaching the horse to listen to the aids. I did not try to position the head in any way."

The Xenophon Society received complaints and Dr Heuschmann confirmed chairman Klaus Balkenhol tried to dissuade him from riding in his clinics.

The society did not return H&H's phonecalls.

But Dr Heuschmann said: "The society warned me that negative pictures of badly ridden horses could damage my reputation. They were right."

Dr Heuschmann is currently touring the US and intends to continue with the work he has carried out for the past 12 years, saying: "I will try to avoid negative pictures, but it never can be 100% prevented."

This article was first published in Horse & Hound (2 September, '10)

Link to forum shocked over Heuschmann :

Photo : Gerd Heuschmann... please see the rest of the violent photos here, that speak for themselves about Gerd Heuschmann and his manipulating talk about the horses WELLFARE, riding here on the photo with his ANTI-ROLLKUR T-SHIRT, that he sells to his groupies... it is PATHETIC :

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Re: The end of the idealisme around Gerd Heuschmann - in english

Message  Pia MUNCK le Mar 16 Nov - 1:24

Please take a look at this video... the manipulation is ENORMOUS :

In 3 word, the video explains :

- that the horse have to be ABLE TO WORK FREELY in his outline, with his head moving back and forth (video on 0.35) in rythme in walk (in fact, the horse walks like a chicken... yes, yes, I always show that in my LDR clinics)... so this is something I AGREE TO !

1 - we can see this movement of the head in walk on the virtual horse and just afterwards on a real (chestnut) horse under rider (video on 0.50) where it is important to notice the ELASTIC ALBOWS of the rider !

2 - the horse in virtual shows the muscles inside/along the outline and how they function (dont focus all your attention to the back muscles on the video... observe also THE MOVEMENT OF THE HEAD of the horse, which is the final expression of what happens in the WHOLE OUTLINE, from the hindlegs to the mouth !)

3 - then they show the rider in walk with the horse behind vertical, now blocking the outline of the horse (video 1.29)... and HERE IS ONE OF THE MANIPULATIONS of Heuschmann & CO :

- the rider has been TOLD to block the albows = like this the POSITION OF THE NECK BEHIND VERTICAL seems to be the annoying cause for the outline of the horse !!!

- but it is NOT THE POSITION BEHIND VERTICAL that blocks the outline... it is ALWAYS THE RIDER ! No matter if he places his horse above or behind vertical !

- and normally, a rider that functions this WELL in his elastic albows (like shown on this video on 0.50) will have NO PROBLEM to reproduce THE SAME FREEDOM for the outline of the horse with the reins in his hands... even short reins !!!

So this problem showed by Heuschmann on the video with a BLOCKED OUTLINE refers in fact to the LACK OF ELASTIC ALBOWS of the RIDER, and has NOTHING to do with WHERE YOU PLACE THE HEAD OF THE HORSE !

Heuschmann only wants to MAKE NAIVE PEOPLE BELIEVE this nonsense because it serves different aspects that suits HIMSELF, BALKENHOL, XENOPHON AND THE GERMAN DRESSAGE WORLD in all :

1 - the training behind vertical is the MONSTER, not the RIDER (because no rider wants to hear that, especially not the small amateur, who is often clumsy and too sensitive mentally for complicated basic corrections that he/she is maybe not able to achieve in his/her body coordination and mind... because ELASTIC ALBOWS are TOP basic technics, out of range for most riders in the correct dose and perfection in all gates : walk, trot, galop, piaf, passage and ALL exercises and transitions)

- so if Heuschmann & CO (Balkenhol, Xenophon and the German Dressage World) can make BELIEVE the small amateur rider that HE/SHE IS AN OK RIDER, and the top riders using LDR are the bad ones, then the Xenophon team obtains :

2 - a WITCH-HUNT (hetz) established by thousand of amateur riders on internet towards especially the top dressage riders from HOLLAND (the country of LDR and future GOLD medals), who are THE ENNEMIES TO BATTLE at all costs seen from the Germain Dressage point of view... because when you can't beat your concurrant on the field in front of the judges, then you can try to destroy this same concurrant by attacking his/her reputation worldwide !

3 - make MONEY : Heuschmann and Xenophon sells books, videos, T-shirts and clinics from these created scandals, to collect money from naive amateur riders !

4 - German Dressage will try to get their LOST POWER back, by weakening their ennemy (the top dutch LDR riders... and specially Anky when the scandals started in 2005), in order to get Germany back to :

5 - the GOLD medals (that they have possessed since decades)

6 - the SUPPREMATY of devellopping the best dressage technics in the world since decades

7 - the SALE OF HORSES, where more and more buyers goes to countries like Holland and Denmark, instead of Germany, as before !

But NOBODY is working their horse in this position of ROLLKUR like in this video above ! (video on 3 minutes 43 seconds)

Please show us videos with REAL horses and riders who ”traines” like this ?

Only in a SICK brain could imagine this kind of scenario !

Here we have a photo showing the real technics of LOW DEEP AND ROUND :

… with all the signs of a horse working in a CORRECT way !

And this is the base of ALL LDR training, with variations of a higher neck or even lower.

And by learning the technics of the famous ELASTIC ALBOWS the horse reaches in fact his FREEDOM in the outline, no matter if the horse is behind vertical or above. This is THE KEY :

… and not the position of the head of the horse, like it is postulated on this video above !!!

On the contrary, during the video here above, the demonstration of the collected show-position very high up, with the blocked neck, hollow back and the hindlegs way behind (video on 3 minutes 05 seconds), reveals the TYPICAL expression that a lot of ”Classical Dressage” riders use, with the blocked outline, now forbidden by the FEI :

… a method which leads directly to the worst nightmare of the horses for their back :


… because the horses have learnt NOT TO REACH FOR THEIR BIT ANY MORE, becoming little by little totaly static / stiff in their outline !

Besides… the book ”Stimmen der Pferde” (”If horses could speak”), the base of this video above, is written by the man who holds the record of the biggest manipulation / illusion of the century, Gerd Heuschmann, now expelled from the association Xenophon for violence while riding horses, by multiple repeted complaints :

… so I dont think that any sane human being, with good common sens, will continue to believe in the manipulations of this man, who just tries to draw attention from the public towards his own person for a question of gaining money and power, without any respect for the horses himself, through the creation of scandals around top dressage riders !

PS. Heuschmann is even so afraid of the revelation of THE TRUTH that he has demanded the removal of the photos which showed his own violence while ”schooling” a horse :

This is really the ultimate act of cowardice ! It is just so PATHETIC !


Vente de chevaux de dressage danois aux meilleures origines allemandes et hollandaises :

Messages : 10102
Date d'inscription : 03/10/2007
Age : 61
Localisation : Danemark

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